Facebook Makes Stories Ads Available to All Users – Including Small Businesses

After testing ads on Facebook Stories in May of this year, the company just announced the feature is now available to all advertisers around the world — and that includes small businesses.

Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories have grown to 300 million daily users each. The availability of the two platforms for advertising means new ad placement options for businesses looking to reach this audience.

For small businesses who use Facebook, the new ad units will deliver a full screen, immersive environment ad targeting and analytics capabilities. You will also be able to take your stories ad campaigns to Messenger in the near future.

The Reach of Stories

An Ipsos survey carried out for Facebook IQ revealed 68% of people indicated they use Stories on at least three apps on a regular basis. Another 63% said they plan on using stories even more in the future.

Stories are also optimized for the way people use their phone, which is mostly (90%) vertically. The full-screen view allows users to watch images and videos right away.

Across all of its platforms, Facebook has more than 1.1 billion people using stories. This includes 400M+ on Instagram Stories, 300M+ on Facebook Stories and 450M+ on WhatsApp Status every day.

Facebook says this will eventually lead to Stories surpassing the sharing which takes place in Feeds sometime in 2019.

The Reason Stories is Working

Shortly after Instagram Stories ads was launched in 2017, advertiser embraced the way it was able to connect consumers and brands. In the US 73% of people said Stories made it possible to experience new things outside their everyday lives.

This led Companies large and small around the world to start using the Stories ads. And it resulted in 58% of people stating they are more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.

Their interest also led to action as 58% said it was responsible for them going to the brand’s website to get additional information. One in two of the people visiting the site did so to buy the product, while another 31% made their purchase in a retail store.

Stories for Small Business

One of the more important data points from the Facebook survey is 46% of users wanted Stories from brands to offer tips or advice.

This is something a small business can do easily to provide value for their customers and keep engaging on social media.

When a consumer identifies your brand with value, it will eventually turn into conversions on your website or retail outlet.